en 45545-2 certıfıcate for raıl system projects

Main actors of the fast growing Automotive Sector in Turkey are recently signing on huge Rail System projects. The reliability of the products consumed for these projects are regulated by the international certificates they possess. The aforementioned certificates are the “MUST” for Tender Specifications.

Two years ago, İLKALEM put an end to dependency on imports by obtaining DIN 5510-2 Certificate to its Flame Retardant Polyester and Gelcoat. Within the last two years as the only owner of DIN 5510-2 Certificate, İLKALEM has accomplished many successful projects with the Automotive Sector Companies.

Lately, DIN EN 45545-2 Certificate is required for rail system projects requiring more severe test criteria. As a result of R&D studies and efforts İLKALEM obtained the DIN EN 45545-2 Certificate and proved the solution partnership of the automotive sector once again. İLKALEM is the only company in Turkey possessing DIN EN 45545-2 Certificate for its Flame Retardant polyester and gelcoat. This will provide more power to automotive sector major companies dealing in the line of rail system projects both in domestic and international platforms.